Making it happen-it’s a two way decision

Successful coaching comes from both your time commitment and a honest and open connection. I therefore, offer a free 15 minute consultation where you can get to know a bit more about me and I get to know a little more about you.

To arrange your 15 minute consultation please click HERE.

After this free consultation, If you feel you could work with me we will agree a way of working that best suits your needs. Most clients initially commit to a minimum of 6 hours virtual coaching over a 2 month timeframe. However, I am happy to work on shorter hours or longer timeframes as long as I believe what is agreed will provide the outcome you are looking for.

Whilst each coaching and mentoring programme has a framework, every package is bespoke, and following every session you will always receive a write up of what was discussed. Today, I am working with clients who are looking for support having returned to work following the birth of their baby as well as, clients who are peri/menopausal. Both stages in a working woman’s life is likely, at certain times, to have an impact on one’s confidence and enjoyment at work. The impact for some results in leaving the work place-something I believe coaching can stop.

What package suits me?
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